At Hype1000, we create audio solutions to give your company a voice. But we do not stop there. We are on a mission to make Corporate Audio available for every company. Because whatever our customers’ business, Corporate Audio is about communications. It is our business to make this easy for them.

Hype1000. We simplify Corporate Audio.

Hypecast is the super simple Corporate Audio solution to help you bring audio into your organization.
Easily create and share exciting audio content with your teams, B2B clients and business partners and let them access your content securely anywhere, anytime. 

We are one of Europe’s leading Corporate Audio startups. We consult our clients on audio content, advertising and create exciting audio solutions focusing specifically on corporate, business and professional topics. 

We work with a network of content creators, speakers, producers and experts to develop high quality content that you can enjoy.

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Get your 5-minute dose of Corporate Audio every week and join other audio enthusiast.

The super simple way to record and produce your podcasts from anywhere and from any device.

Hypecast Studio is built to support your organization to create high-quality audio content. Simply access Hypecast Studio via your Hypecast account or sign up now.

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Phone: + 49 171 532 44 63
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